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Fantasy - What's in the box?

Sorry for the late spoiler post!  It's been a hectic month with a major deadline for a top secret project :)  We will...

Dumbledore - What's in the box? (with quotes)

This is our first spoiler for the Dumbledore box.  If you follow Nerdy Post on Instagram, you got a sneak peak about ...

Fictional Boyfriends - All the Quotes!

Here are the final quotes for the fictional boyfriends box.  The writing is pretty small, so I recommend viewing from...

Fictional Boyfriends - What's in the box?

This is our first sketch of what products will come in the Fictional Boyfriends box, as well as who will be on what p...

Disney Villains - All the Quotes!

For the first spoiler, we showed you what items would be in the box.  At this point, we have decided on what quotes w...

Disney Villains - What's in the box?

  You'll get a sneak peak into Alexis' design process with this blog.  This is how all months start.  We sit down and...
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